Covid-19 Policies

  • Drop off only

  • All students will be dropped off at the front door, where either the teacher or an assistant will give out hand sanitizer to each student before entering the dance room.

  • Only students allowed in the studio, the waiting room will be closed. 

  • When class is dismissed students will be lead out of the studio lobby by a teacher or an assistant.

  • All students will be given hand sanitizer before leaving.

  • All intro level classes, please encourage bathroom use before leaving, if there is an emergency the teacher will text you that your student needs to use the bathroom and you may enter wearing a mask. 

  • Students that present ANY cold/flu symptoms will be asked to leave immediately. 

  • If any member of your family has been exposed to COVID-19 you must wait 2 weeks of quarantine before returning. 

  • If you are unwell at all please contact the studio 2 hours before your scheduled class time to receive the class zoom link to dance at home as a precaution. 

  • Students may only bring their dance shoes and a water bottle into the classroom. No bags will be allowed. 

  • If students are in multiple classes in a row they may wait in the waiting room while the studio gets sanitized before entering. 

  • Students may wear a mask only if they do not touch it. If they do touch it, they will be asked to remove it as it is now contaminated. 

  • No physical contact between students will be allowed.

  • Students will all be given an 8'x8' box to dance in.

  • Prop use will be limited, all props that are used will be sanitized after class immediately. 

  • The floors and Barres will be sanitized between each class.

  • Windows and doors will be remain open to help circulate fresh air.

  • These guidelines may be updated, as they state allows. 

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