Dress Code

A dress code is important as it promotes class unity as well as allowing the instructor to see how the student is moving to ensure proper technique and prevent injury. The dress code will be enforced and students may be asked to sit from class if they do not follow. 

Intro to Ballet- Pink tights, pink or black leotard, pink ballet shoes. (Recommended shoe: Capezio Daisy Full sole leather)

Intro to Tap- Pink tights, pink or black leotard, black tap shoes (Recommended shoe Capezio Jr. Tyette)

Intro to Hip Hop- Comfortable clothing that the student can move in and any studio only sneakers preferably in black. (Sneakers may never be worn outside)

Ballet 1, 2 and 3- Pink tights, black leotard, pink ballet shoes. Hair must be up in a neat bun. (Recommended shoe: Level 1 and 2: Capezio Daisy or Bloch Dansoft full sole leather Level 3: Bloch Pump canvas split sole)

Tap and Jazz 1- Pink or black tights, black leotard, black shorts/leggings optional. Jazz shoes (Recommended shoe: Capezio "E-series" slip on jazz shoe)

Contemporary 1 and 2- Comfortable fitted clothing, bare feet.

Hip Hop 1 and 2- Comfortable clothing, preferably black, studio only sneakers.


Acro - Black leotard or black sports/crop top with shorts/leggings. All clothing must be fitted to the body to ensure safety and proper technique. Hair must be pulled back. 

All Classes- Hair must be pulled back into a pony tail or a bun, all hair accessories must be secure and all headbands must be pinned down. Absolutely no jewelry or toys are allowed in the classroom. Ballet classes may wear a ballet skirt if needed. In the winter, a fitted sweater may be worn during warm ups. All dance shoes may never be worn outside. If they have been worn outside (tracking in dirt/sand/salt your student will not be allowed to wear them and may be required to sit out from class.