2020 Recital info

Sunday, July 12th

Relevé Dance Academy Parking lot

Stage donated by our good friends at Catalpa Carpentry 

Rehearsal class schedules will be held June 29-July 11. All classes with more then 8 students will be split in half due to social distancing. You will receive your class list in your email. 

How Recital will work.,,​

  • 1-2 Classes will come in a 30 min time slot. They will come FULLY DRESSED (Costume, makeup and hair done). 

  • Students will be lined up 6 feet apart from each other and will be given hand sanitizer before going onto the stage and coming off.

  • Any choreography with tight groups, or hand holding will be changed. 

  • Classes will preform their dance on the stage once.

  • The students household may come to watch the performance. I will be setting up 8'x8' boxes for your family to stand in to watch. 

  • Once they are done dancing you may leave.

  • If your student has another dance please have them change in the car, or 1 family will be allowed in each studio to change at a time. 

  • Please use the bathroom before you come to the studio, If it is an emergency you may enter, but you must sanitize the room prior to leaving.

  • All performances will be recorded and emailed to you to share with friends and family. 

  • Students may wear a mask if you prefer but it is not mandatory.

Sunday, July 12th 

9:00- Mon. Ballet 1 & Wed. Intro to Ballet 

9:30- Wed. Tap 1 & Sawyer, Scout and Lilah

10:00 Wed. Ballet 1 & Intro to Hip Hop

10:30 Jazz 1

11:00 Hip Hop 1 

11:30 Sat. Intro to Tap

12:00 Sat. Intro to Ballet 

12:30 Tues. Intro to Ballet 

1:00 Tues. Intro to Tap & Jameson

1:30 Tues. Ballet 1 

2:00 Lyrical 2 & Allie, Clara and brindle

2:30 Fri. Ballet 1 

3:00 Fri. Tap 1 

3:30 Addy, Maci and Jojo & Amelia and Noelle  & Stephanie 

4:00 Jazz 2

4:30 Ballet 2

5:00 Tap 2 

5:30 Contemporary

6:00 Ballet 4

6:30 Hip Hop 2

7:00 Performance Team 

7:30 Jazz 3 & Kate

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